Herbal Medicine

Since ancient times, mankind have always looked to natural ingredients for treatment and cure, whether it is Eastern medicine or Western medicine. By time, chemistrical medication has repidly developed with the fast pacing of technology. Nevertheless, the use of herbs still plays a pivotal & irreplaceable role in medicine. As above all, the harmony between man and nature - heaven and earth is always important. From the very beginning of our establishment, VPO PHARCO determined to associate with the green herbal source of Vietnam. By cooperating with Khai Ha Pharco - our trustful partner with 20ha of medicinal plant area in Red Riverside (which has been allocated medicinal land by Vietnamese government), VPO PHARCO ensures a green - clean - healthy source of medicinal herb - which is the basic foundation to create quality products for the health of our community. VPO PHARCO's ambition is to develop our own medicinal herbs area to meet market demand.

Prestige medicinal source


Supply from green medicinal area, with precious medicinal herbs of typical Vietnamese characteristics, harvested and preliminarily processed according to the standard process which ensure medicinal properties.



From the quintessence of heaven and earth, in hands with expertises and modern technology, VPO PHARCO creates products of the highest quality.


When it reaches your hands, the products have been thoroughly tested for quality, ensuring medical standards of Ministry of Healths.


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