About VPO PharCo

From time immemorial, the Five Elements stay mutually generating & mutally overcoming - transform harmonious to ignite the source of vitality of all things; space movement and human health. For thousands of years, our ancestors understood and successfully applied that theory to create oriental medicine with high efficiency in supporting the treatment of all diseases. Inheriting the quintessential archeology of the past; with extensive experience in traditional oriental medicine, and with Vietnamese wisdom concentrates, Vinh Phuc Oriental Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (VPO PHARCO) launched quality products with 100% green herbal origin, for the sake of health and your well-being.


Building a position in high-quality healthcare segment in Vietnam and other countries in Asia region.


Green source of Wellness VPO PHARCO provides products derived from 100% green medicinal herbs, with optimal effectiveness, safe and benign for human health. Thereby, contributing to improving the quality of life; as well as promoting the quintessence of Vietnam Oriental Medicine to the world.

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